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MOC spokesperson makes remarks on US tariff decision

China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) on Tuesday made remarks on the United States' decision to impose additional tariffs on 200 billion U.S. dollars worth of Chinese products.

China's opening-up offers opportunities for global growth

Participants in the China Development Forum Special Session have agreed China's opening-up offers opportunities for global growth.

Belt and Road Initiative increasingly popular in Turkey

Against the backdrop of increasing tensions between Turkey and western countries in recent years, more and more Turkish people believe that the Belt and Road Initiative will provide mutual benefits.

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  • Atop China's sacred Mount Tai

    Climb Mount Tai, a natural landmark of historical and cultural significance in China, and experience the magnificent landscapes and stunning sights up the slopes and at the peak.

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The Kim-Moon summit

The leaders of North and South Korea are meeting enthusiastically for the third time this year to improve the relations and create an atmosphere of trust and goodwill that ultimately may bring lasting peace and stability to the troubled peninsula.


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